Love your garden, love your planet!

£20 hedge trimming in York ✅
Weeding and gardening from £20 ✅
Eco-friendly landscape gardening ✅

Message my page, call me at 07562464732 or email

Hello there! My name is Patrick Thelwell and I am starting my own gardening business in York. 🌱🌿🍃

I have recently graduated from the University of York, where I was the president and founder of the Gardening Society. I lost my bar job because of Covid-19 but am taking this opportunity to pursue my passion: I absolutely love plants and nature and am looking to establish myself as a friendly, hardworking and trustworthy face in the community. 🌸🌳🌷

I want to help as many people as possible make the most of their outdoor spaces and share them with our beautiful local wildlife – which needs our help now more than ever. 🦔🐝🐤

I am particularly interested in building and maintaining raised beds, to allow people to grow their own fresh organic fruit and vegetables. Growing your own food is so rewarding and also helps fight climate change! 🍅🥦🥕

If there is any job that you need doing then drop me a message, no matter how small. Similarly, if you have a dream project that you want to chat about get in touch and let’s make it happen! 🌺🏡⚒

I only use environmentally friendly methods and never use pesticides or herbicides – just good old-fashioned hard work. I always wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing when interacting with people. 👍👍👍

Gardening is more than just a job for me. I passionately believe that we must fix our relationship with nature in order to avoid the imminent catastrophic consequences of climate breakdown such as extreme weather, food shortages, more pandemics and mass extinction. Our politicians are lying about the dangers we face, and we have to act now. I want York to be an example to the world of how to build back better and create a sustainable, resilient community. ✊🌍💚

To get in touch message my page, call me at 07562464732 or email

Have a great day, stay safe, and wear a mask x

Explore my website to learn about me, my beliefs and my policies. You can also contact me, and I will respond as soon as I can!

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