Let’s make York an example to the world

Building a resilient local community will help us deal with the reality of a climate in crisis


Things I do

I am a Green Party candidate for York City Council.

I am an activist with Extinction Rebellion, fighting for our Planet’s future.

I am preparing to study a PhD in Interdisciplinary Global Development at the University of York.

World Communalism

A vision of a United People of Earth


Democratic People’s Assemblies to empower local communities

Local economies built on regional self-sufficiency, community-owned permaculture farms, and Mutual-Aid

Regional and National confederation of People’s Assemblies into a United People of Britain


People choose to Declare themselves a Citizen of Earth, with universal rights and responsibilities

A Global Commitment to tackling Climate Breakdown, poverty, prejudice, injustice, and the rise of Fascism

A United People of Earth: a Democratic Confederation of Delegates from all of the world’s People’s Assemblies

My values

In the face of catastrophic climate breakdown we need to adapt to a mode of living that prioritises a sustianable relationship with nature.

  • Local Democracy
  • Mutual Aid
  • Permaculture food production
  • Earth Citizenship
  • A United People of Earth

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